Cable channel For signal and communication pipelines

For installing signal, power and communications pipelines along railway sections, in power stations and factories, the Electroplast plastic cable channel is ideal. The cable channel can be simply and quickly moved, which is extremely convenient with temporary projects or on hilly landscapes. Thanks to its lightweight construction, the cable channel is very stable and it provides cables and pipes high protection against external influences.

The cable channels are available in two versions: internal width 100 mm (type I) and 240 mm (type II). The internal height is 155 mm for both types. The length of each channel is
1.000 mm. Naturally we also supply accessories in the form of, for example, angle pieces, end pieces and T-pieces, earth nails and pipe connection pieces.

Your benefits

  • Horizontal ridges provide excellent stability after placing in the ground.
  • Mounting of cover over two channel sections is possible.
  • Fixed connection of the cover with the channel, also in open position.
  • Opening of a single cover possible.
  • The covers may be closed by means of screws.
  • No earthing and insulating necessary.
  • Easy adjustment on the spot.
  • Low net weight.
  • Bend pieces available in accordance with your specification
  • Stable construction.
  • No connection parts.
  • Maintenance free.
  • 100% recyclable
  • High efficiency

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