Shell components For the protection of cables and pipelines

Protect your underground and over ground cables and pipelines with Electroplast’s shell components. Identical shell parts can also be used afterwards for cables and pipes which are already in operation. Two shell parts clicked together provide rugged protection for your network. The shells are supplied loose. After positioning the cables in the bottom shell you click the upper shell onto it accordingly. By means of overlapping the upper and lower shell by approximately 30 cm, you couple the components together. Couplings are not necessary here.



Your choice

We produce shell components as a standard in a red colour. Other colours are available upon request.

Diameter Int. diameter



Skull pressure load max.*

110 mm 100 mm 3.000 mm 162 meter 450 N
160 mm 138 mm 3.000 mm 72 meter 750 N

* in accordance with EN 61 386-24 - L = 20 cm

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