Underground Cable Access Chambers For many applications using modular design

As the height, length and width differ for each project, it is important that cable draw pits can be adapted to each situation. Electroplast supplies the pits ready-to-use according to your measurements and requirements.

The cable access chamber is built up out of fibreglass-reinforced plastic sections. Using a combination of corner pieces, the implementation of the sections and wire rods, we build an extremely strong pit suitable for load classes from D125 to D400.

Your benefits

  • Light weight.
  • Strong construction.
  • Modular construction.
  • You are not restricted to standard dimensions.
  • Smooth inside and outside.
  • Suitable for D125 through D400.

Your choice

The height of a wall section is 150 mm. The length of a section can vary from
450 mm to 3.000 mm. In principle any dimension is possible, taking into account the dimensions of the desired cover.

The available access chamber covers can be made out of cast iron, including a window section to facilitate adaptation of the cover height to ground level. We can also provide a (plastic) floor upon request.

The connections of the cable protection ducts to the chamber can be made, using standard tools (such as a hole saw or a jigsaw). 

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