Some of our completed projects

2016: Road widening Waterlandseweg/N305 – NL-Almere

In order to protect the HDPE tubes present in the soil with their fiber optic cables some hundreds of meters of our product Coverall was used in dimensions 110 mm, 160 mm and 217 mm.

2016: HDPE drilling under the Amstel - Amsterdam

For the planned expansion of the A10 near Amsterdam the fibre optic cables and the HDPE pipes had to be extended. Over a length of approx. 600 meters and in total 94 HDPE pipes have been drawn into seven 250 mm ø HDPE tubes. These 40 mm and 

50 mm tubes are for various network providers, such as Colt, Relined, Interoute, Ziggo, KPN, eurofiber, Verizon, BT, GVB and A-fiber. 

Also for rearrangement of the 150kV cables a HDPE tube was drilled under the Amstel.

2016: Maasvlakte

For the so-called unbundling of a 25 kV distribution station on the Maasvlakte Electroplast delivered cable protection materials for the underground infrastructure.

  • 40 mm Dual tube green
  • Cable boards 300 x 10 x 1200 mm
  • HDPE tube 200 mm SDR11
  • Cable markers
  • Plasson screw connectors

2015: Tennet

Tennet has made a number of adjustments to the 110 kV high voltage grid in the vicinity of Hoogeveen and Veenoord. This allows the company to guarantee security of supply in the region. Part of this adaptation is the laying of a new underground cable connection between Coevorden and Hardenberg. For the Tennet 150 kV Coevorden-Hardenberg cable connection Electroplast supplied:

  • Cable protection boards 1.000 x 2.440 mm
  • Dual cable protection pipe 40 mm green
  • Cable markers
  • Plassim coupler fittings

2015: Dinteloord

In 2015, fibre optic cable connections and power cables were renewed and laid on the Suikerunie factory site in Dinteloord. For this project Electroplast supplied:

- Dual tube 32 mm green
- Cable protection sheet 300x2.5 mm red colour
- Cable protection sheet 300x5 mm red colour
- Warning tape

2015: Wijkertunnel

Every day some sixty thousand cars drive through the 680 metres long Wijker Tunnel under the North Sea Canal. The road tunnel is on the A9 and was completed in 1996. In 2015 Rijkswaterstaat carried out maintenance operations. For this project, Electroplast supplied:

- Cable protection sheet 300x2 mm green colour
- Dual tube 50 mm green
- Warning tape
- Cable markers 1060 grey